MASS SHOOTING SCENE In America Set to Air Tuesday


The folks at “American Horror Story” have a big decision on their hands … do they air a crowd-ambush scene reminiscent of Sunday night’s Vegas massacre, or do they scrub it from Tuesday’s episode?
The scene was shot in the O.C. last month … long before bullets rained down on thousands of people enjoying the Route 91 Harvest Festival on the Vegas strip.
The scene is a political rally where Evan Peters’ character is giving a campaign speech when the character played by Sarah Paulson begins firing. It appears Evan’s character gets hit, as do people in the crowd.
You hear around 10 shots in the 2 1/2 minute scene … we’ve posted just a portion of the scene.
We reached out to ‘AHS’ to find out if they’re going to pivot in the wake of the Vegas violence,but they had no comment.

See new from TMZ below..

Source: TMZ

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