8 Beauty Tips For Fresh Looking Skin On A Summer Day
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5. Vitamin C

Vitamin C

To give the skin radiance and prevent the appearance of bruises under the eyes, use the means with the content of vitamin C. Ascorbic acid is an integral component for maintaining female beauty. The most effective vitamin is at night, since it does not like exposure to sunlight.

6. Proper nutrition

Proper nutrition

It is necessary to approach the question of nutrition with all responsibility. Because PP allows us to stay in shape and maintain proper functioning of the body. However trite it may sound, but try to eat as much vegetables and fruits as possible in the summer, especially seasonal ones. An excellent solution for hot summer days will be smoothies of own preparation.

Take note of the vitamin prescription from the editorial staff:

  • A few leaves of spinach
  • One apple
  • One Banana
  • One avocado

Crush everything in the blender and enjoy a vitamin cocktail.

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