7 bad vacation habits that can ruin you
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Water only from the refrigerator

Water only from the refrigerator

It is common habit for many people to: take in the store ice water from the refrigerator and go with it to the beach or promenade around the city. It would seem that a cold bottle in the heat can bring nothing but good. This is not true.
What’s wrong? Ice water gives only the illusion of cooling. In fact, it acts in the same way as warm, but it puts health at risk.

“Do not drink cold drinks. In the heat, immunity is weakened, so the risk of getting angina and ARI is increased,

– explains the candidate of medical sciences Tatyana Shastina.
To safely quench your thirst, it is better to use water at room temperature or cooled green tea.

After all, all paid for

Most hotels offer a buffet meal – eat as much as you like. In this situation, it can be difficult to curb their desires and not eat like the last time in their lives with fried meat, French fries and other tasty but harmful dishes. Including the day when the sun is particularly active.
What’s wrong? If there is a lot of sweet, fatty and spicy food, a feeling of heaviness in the abdomen, fatigue and drowsiness is guaranteed.

“The most harmful in the heat – it’s sweet and hot dishes. They increase sweating, but from you and so it pours into three streams. The most useful – rich in fiber and protein. For example, a salad of chicken breast with crispy salad leaves is an ideal dish for the heat,

– says nutritionist Svetlana Berezhnaya .
In general, to put your health at risk, it is not necessary to go to hot abroad. It can be done at home – it is wrong to wash in your own apartment.
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