7 bad vacation habits that can ruin you
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Tablets are always with you


It’s a habit to carry everything with you all at once, in case you need it, it’s good, but not always. For example, many people do not forget to take pills on the beach. Say, from headaches or indigestion. You can not do this.
What’s wrong? Even if the bag is lying in the shade, the packing with tablets will have time to heat up. And since most drugs are designed for storage at room temperature, the tablets will either lose their properties on the heat or become toxic and dangerous to health.

Icy foam against the heat

Cold beer or ice cocktail with strong alcohol – frequent guests on the beaches. You drink a glass or two of foam, and it’s like you were born again. And closer to the evening you do not feel very well and write off the malaise in the heat, unusual humidity or the change of time zones.
What’s wrong? Alcohol contributes to dehydration, to drink it in the heat – it means a lot of risk.

“And so the body suffers, and so the water leaves the cell – on the contrary it is necessary to fill the deficiency of the liquid. And here an additional drying. This is a very high risk of heat stroke, sunstroke, or exacerbation of some serious illness, if it exists,

– says the doctor-pulmonologist Alexander Averyanov.

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