7 bad vacation habits that can ruin you
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“Vitamins” in plastic

Vitamins in plastic

Here you are lying on the beach, and the traders are scurrying by different miscellaneous things: souvenirs and snacks. Buy a necklace of seashells or a dried starfish you hardly want. But the assortment of fresh fruits and berries in a plastic cup in the heat of the day may seem tempting. Tasty, useful, and worth a penny.
What’s wrong? A trader can walk with a fruit tray in the heat of almost a whole day. No one knows when he took the berries and how many are already walking along the beach. So, the buyer risks getting a vitamin mix “with smell” and ultimately making indigestion.
Secondly, it is not known whether the berries and fruits were washed before packing or not. And how clean were the hands of the packer himself? From poorly washed fruits, vegetables or berries you can earn a magnificent bouquet of diseases: from rotavirus and enterovirus infections to worms.
The way out is to refrain from eating beach mixes and suffer to a cafe where there is at least some kind of guarantee that they are keeping a clean eye. The second option is to buy fruit in a store or on the market, wash them and bring them to the beach with them.

Try it, it’s free!

A similar story, but a bit different. Sometimes it’s hard to say a hard “no thank you” when you are offered something for free. For example – food or drinks during street or market tasting. Some tourists even turn this business into a tradition, go to local fairs and try everything that traders offer: from wine and cheese to exotic dishes.
What’s wrong? Perhaps, it is you who are lucky, and the gastromarafon will pass without unpleasant consequences. But it’s better not to take chances. Because any street tasting is a lottery with the main prize in the form of intestinal infections and viral diseases.

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