5 Famous Rules On How Women Should Always Look Interesting
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But if you never knew about the “Rules”, do not think that you need to completely change your relationship with the groom or husband. For example, if you were the initiator of a relationship, called him, invited him on a date and did other things to make the relationship work out, he will always expect something like this from you. He does not have to worry about marriage – he knows that you have him. After all, you tell him this with every word and gesture. And the man gets used to taking you for granted. Perhaps you have aggravated the situation by initiating love making and / or romantic dinners. You asked him about your feelings, asked less time to spend at work or with friends and more – with you. Sometimes you even think that he has a novel on the side.

How to be interesting for her husband

If you did not follow the “Rules” from the very beginning of your relationship, then the husband may not pay attention to you, be rude or ill with you. You are wondering:

– Is his behavior the result of poor parenting or related to his past?

Perhaps it is. But we think that you are to blame for everything. You did not follow the “Rules”. A man has never had to treat you like a girl of your dreams. A man who is absolutely indifferent to his wife or girlfriend, changes radically, meeting a woman who follows the “Rules”.

There is no place for violence in the “Rules” relationship, it was difficult for you to win, the man had to work hard, and now he considers you to be the most beautiful and beautiful woman in the world, even if it is not. For him, you are a real jewel.

Do not despair. Start to follow the “Rules” immediately, and he will surely notice changes in your behavior. And then he wants you stronger.

Here are five suggestions

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