8 Beauty Tips For Fresh Looking Skin On A Summer Day
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 3. Always Get rid of blackheads 

get rid of black heads

A quick mask is one of the perfect ways when it comes to getting rid of  blackheads, you can use. Also you can  Combine honey and cinnamon until you get a paste.

Apply it in a skinny layer over the blackheads, and place a strip of clean cotton over it. Remove it after 5 minutes, and rinse your face.


4. Light make-up

Light make-up

Do not overload the summer image with heavy make-up. In the heat, the skin secrete more skin secretions. This can trigger the appearance of acne, especially under a thick layer of makeup. To moisturize the skin, use a water-based cream and a light foundation. Lipstick can be replaced with glitter, and instead of an eyeliner, use a waterproof eyeliner.

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