8 Beauty Tips For Fresh Looking Skin On A Summer Day
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The weather outside the window pleases with warm sunlight, so the editorial staff of rhythmpot has collected effective 6 beauty tips to create a radiant look. Just on the eve of the long-awaited holidays.

1. Shower


The cold shower is seen to us as the only true beauty tips in the summer days. But this is an erroneous opinion. A cold or hot shower exposes the skin to stress. Subsequently, it loses its elasticity and becomes excessively dry. Try to choose warm water temperature even in hot weather. After water procedures it will not be superfluous to use lotion or oil. Such products deeply moisturize the skin and give a sense of comfort.

2. Face massage

Face massage

How often did you hear the advice to “apply a remedy on the facial massage lines”? Such advice is given for a reason, because when applying cosmetics, you stretch your face every time. Massage lines help minimize the damage from this process. In addition, moving along the lines, you improve the blood flow of the facial skin, which provides you with a fresh, rested look.

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