5 signs of an emotionally abusive relationship
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Emotions could be very complicated most times. Because no one can really say he/she knows how it works. However, change is constant and everyone is bound to change. Sometimes we don’t understand our-self not to talk of another.
Rhythmpot however has gathers some fact that are subject to verification, and they includes  flags to watch out for in your partner that could lead to an abusive relationship.




Lack of self-confidence is a sign of trauma, most often acquired in childhood. Children’s injuries often encourage people to abandon themselves and their needs in order to survive. 

Becoming adults, they literally give their strength to everyone around and suffer from it. Perhaps you are pleased to feel their trust. But ask yourself: is this trust based on a particular affinity that has passed the test of time, or that this person is simply not catastrophically self-confident? In the second case, trust has nothing to do with you – it is only the result of unhealed mental wounds.

Why does the lack of faith in yourself mean that this person will hurt you? Because he easily yields to the slightest influence. It does not have its own moral guidelines, they have not been worked out yet. Rely on someone who can rely on himself. Such a person, if necessary, will be able to support not only himself, but you.


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