5 Important Things To Know before the wedding
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To live in a city or in a town?

Be that as it may, you snicker in vain , by the way: consistently a horde of office hamsters gather the possessions in cheek pockets and relocate to the chest of nature. Because there, as well, can work , directly from a comfortable and warm bovine priests. Mobile Internet allows , so what’s the problem? The issue is , it’s for the most part an alternate life.

 Absolutely. As on another planet: other air , other water , other types of life nearby. A ordinary occupant of a megapolis there will wilt in the main autumn , when florets will blossom and there will be just a single mother earth around: wet , cold , sticky and blocked without overwhelm boots.

In the meantime, a solid villager , healthy , like a wolf , in a megacity will turn into a psychotic in six months. Another thing is that he needs to endure this. Till. But at any open door will come back to the local scent of pines and pony tails. And you will be hauled alongside you.

 And you’re going insane without people , without theaters , restaurants , shops and even without an appalling metro underground. And you’ll run away. In general , there will be no glad calm maturity in a pleasant place.


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