5 Important Things To Know before the wedding
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5 Important Things To Know before the wedding

Sentimental love , passion , passionate emotions – this is a decent thing , of course. But separate from measurements tells us , that some place there is something wrong. It’s impossible that the organization of marriage has just outlasted itself , but what’s the issue then? Maybe , in fact , that the glad couples are applying , do not concede to the most important? At slightest about these 5 points , which you unquestionably need to negotiate ” on the shore.”

Festivity or travel?

Actually , why go far – you can begin appropriate from the wedding. You yourself simply can not imagine , how solid such matches scattered on the foundation of ” irreconcilable logical inconsistencies”: toss a devour for all companions and relatives , including Aunt Nina from the town of Big Mzhuti , or is it to spare and spend a special first night some place in the Dominican Republic ? Immediately warned , that sit on two seats won’t work, either radiant wedding , or a lavish holiday.

 If you endeavor to consolidate this , you will wind up with a wedding ( you remain in a Chinese dress from reused plastic containers and you long for falling through the ground) and the Turkish coast , four stars. Checked.

The inquiry is , why is this so important? Still, this is a one-time event. But the fact is that the wedding question consummately shows your life views. If you are prepared to give the last money , if just nobody is insulted and everybody was glad and satisfied , and he reasonably checks each kopeck and spends it sensibly – well , you won’t get along. No way.

Profession or non-dust work?

You presumably know , that grown-ups don’t change. So , this is all false and an abominable slander. Even as they change! When they get married. Or rather , when they get married , because more often than not our sister is overtaken. Very likely , you were a profession from a minor boredom.

 And now you will have a sweet home , in which it is so decent to develop children , dogs and geraniums. Why be executed at work – for raising , which lingers some place in the haze of the future? You can and in pies self-fulfilling. And here your dear anticipates a repulsive astonishment.

Since he is a yearning fellow , storming a vocation ladder , like Annapurna’s peak. In full gear and full battle readiness. And he simply does not understand , how can you not have any desire to climb. And you don’t understand , why he needed to climb. You have enough for life , but you won’t acquire all the money. 

Even worse , if everything is the other path round: you are a careerist , and he is happy with his unassuming spot and does not have any desire to leave the solace zone. Sooner or later you will quit regarding him. Well, that is all. Finita.


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